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Water Billing F.A.Q's

How do I get water service turned on for my property?
Download and complete the service application found here and bring it to the Medley Utilities department. You will be required to leave a deposit at that time, which is based on the size of the water meter..A business must have a valid Medley Occuptional License before service will be turned on.

How soon can I get my water turned on?
The Town offers same day service, but 2 - 3 days advance notice is preferred.

How often are accounts billed?
Accounts are billed every month and are due within 25 days of the billing date. In order to prevent disruption of service, payments should be made by the due date printed on the bill. A late fee will be charged to overdue accounts. Additional fees may be incurred on the outstanding balance after 60 days. If service is disrupted, a $45.00 reconnection fee will be charged for residential or $100.00 for commercial.

Is there a minimum bill?
Yes. The minimum bill covers maintenance fees to ensure that water is available at all times.

My bill doesn't look right. Who should I call?
Contact the Utilities Department at 305-887-9541 ext 103 or 104

What are the water and sewer rates?
You can see the latest rate schedule by clicking here.

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